Residential Screw Piles

When it comes to construction in municipal or residential areas, screw piles are unlimited in their application. They are a time and cost-efficient solution that is also easier on the environment than traditional concrete piles. Our screw pile solutions are engineer stamped and CCMC approved that can be customized to suit any need and can be installed in even the most challenging settings. From a management perspective, not only does the quick process minimize traffic flow issues, they require no vibration or hammering to install. This is much less disruptive in both business and residential areas and minimized disruption to nearby foundations.

Residential applications include:
• House foundations
• Deck foundations
• Garage foundations
• Retaining walls
• Restoring settled foundations

Advantages of using screw piles for these applications:
• Leading edge engineering and technology
• Speed and ease of installation
• Non-invasive installation
• Can be installed year round (anchored below frost line)
• Cost-effective