About Camrose Screw Pile

It all started in July of 2014, with a background in construction we are able to offer many options to our clients. Working with property owners over the last decade, we have seen many different issues where installing screw piles would have eliminated their issues and saved the property owners thousands of dollars in costly repairs. We work directly with our supplier, and their engineers to ensure their specs are always met within a 99% accuracy. To be able to provide such accuracy each screw pile is installed with the help of a Torq Pin. The Torq Pin measures and records torque, inclination and offers the user the opportunity to manually enter pile depth as well as other job specific information. This will provide the engineer a view of depth vs. torque on each pile.

Camrose Screw Pile and its' staff operate safely and efficiently. Having a safe job site is one of our main priorities. We also carry a $2,000,000 insurance policy specifically for liability coverage.

For more information about screw piles please call today 780-678-7666.